I return with Palmers Cocoa butter lip balm review

Wohoooo Hiatus blog is back into action.✌

 Oh man! This hiatus 👻  has been for so long that I myself can't take. But I'd make sure to be active and post much more interesting stuff.😍

I knew that it'd be another boring blog if it's just me getting all hyped over me writing a post and attaching a few GIF's.

So in this post I'll be doing a review of my most favorite lip balm - 

Tada! That's a long name but trust me guys I've tried so many lip balms in my life and this is something I'd give my 100% to!

Best moisturizing formula. Like, I'm a big Matte Lipstick fan. It's my favorite lipstick type but I've been having dry lips for the past couple of years which has bothered me so much. And using Matte would make it more worse but I couldn't give up matte. I tried to watch so many YouTube recommendations and I have tried applying lip balm before swatching my matte.

But whatever I do, my lips would go back to being dry and dark. And it would get chapped no matter what!

I tried some of the famous brands out there and nothing could solve it. This led to me buying any and every lip balm I used to see in the drug store. And that's how I picked Palmer's!
And I didn't expect it to be this good. My chapped lips are now gone and no matter how much matte I apply to my lips it's still soft and subtle.

But guys , you gotta apply lip balm every now and then. It can be difficult in the beginning but you will definitely get used to it and having lip balm in your bag will be a given.
Also this doesn't stop with applying lip balm, make sure y'all drink water as much as you can and keep yourself hydrated with fruits and fresh milkshakes!

You can buy them at 

Nykaa : http://www.nykaa.com/palmer-s-cocoa-butter-formula-lip-balm-spf-15-4-gm.html?ptype=product&id=188778?&root=search&searchterm=palmers%20lip%20balm&type=product


Amazon : https://www.amazon.in/Palmers-Cocoa-Formula-Butter-Balm/dp/B004V42E78/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1508590408&sr=8-1&keywords=palmers+lip+balm


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