Be proud , you're a woMAN

'I should have been a guy' - this particular line started ringing in me when I attained my puberty and it still goes on ringing in my mind, though am nearly 23. It's not because I don't like to be a girl. But it's just because people around you make you feel inferior. Be it your family or your relatives or some you-know-who strangers. PLEASE CAN EVERYONE STOP THIS GENDER DISCRIMINATION!

Uncles and Aunties who pop out of nowhere trying to interfere into my life and make my parents confused ,  I guess you would have some other important work to do rather than this petty thing. Not only that, when you're daughter grows up who knows, she would want to do everything a normal girl would want ( study abroad, work now, marriage later and whatsoever) and who knows since it's you're loving daughter you might allow it ( you better not be the same old grumpy one you were to stranger-daughters like me and allow you're daughter to do whatever she wants), so why don't you better stop focusing on others lives and start focusing on you're own.

If a neighborhood girl whom you know is working rather than getting married, respect her decision , or even if you don't, how about not going in to her personal life and starting to criticize her parents and herself. How about concentrating on making you're life better.

To all the family members of the girl, stop gender discrimination for the sake of heavens. Let it start from our homes, teach her brother not to do this and he will treat his sister and his future wife well. When you start to gender discriminate within homes, that causes the root for all problems in this world.Where in the world  has any religion asked a girl not to work or get married when she wants and not when her uncle or aunt or grandparents want. Trust and respect the girls decision whatever she wants to do. If she wants to focus on her career and not in anything else , isn't that a good sign? Let her do what she wants and you will really see the real meaning behind happiness.

Girls are human beings as well, though it's the 21st century I guess our minds are still in the 16th century. Dear beautiful women out there,

If you really like to work, just keep your ears shut on what other people say and just do what makes you happy. Earn money, go shopping, help your parents , travel the world and live life to the fullest. There is no better feeling than knowing that you are INDEPENDENT. And there is no better feeling the knowing you can survive without a man's money (though you get married).

If you want to get married, stop marrying by trading 100 grams of gold. If a man really likes a woman , he wouldn't expect to receive gold or other worldly things. Let the world know that you're just not worth a mere resource and start acting against it. This would stop all the negative after effects of marriage. If they demand things from you or if they don't accept you for who you are, I don't think it will end well.
Women are now becoming the men they want to marry , think before you act!

If you wanna travel, earn, save up some money and go explore the world.

It's all up to you, if you want something, do it. If you have to fight for it, FIGHT for it. YES, you will get stressed but never get into the old circle of vicious thoughts of ruining your dreams. Get stressed, sleep for a while, wake up, show the world that you will do it. Face your fears, don't run away! WOman ! You're strong, beautiful, powerful and you can change the world. CHANGE STARTS FROM YOU.


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