Woooo! Guess who has a comeback?

I can hear Minho's base voice singing *SHINee is Back*, feels like I'm having a comeback (Oh yeah! Ofcourse I do!)

I'm freaking excited,that I get to write again!

OMG! It has been freaking 6 months since I blogged and I hate myself, KILL ME!

How could I do this? Arghhhh! I wouldn't say I was busy, coz the whole world knew I was sitting idle for 2 months at home. It's just that I was a Lazy Gooseberry!

Yes! I quit my job, somehow convinced mom to let me study abroad, packed my bag and I ran away from India.

Miracle isn't it, the last post was full of rejections from my Mom

But my mom's 'NO' had more power, I 'm still not sure what made her change her mind, Yeah, I did put some melodrama and had to bring up my acting skills (But it wasn't acting though, I just poured out all my feelings:p!)

But she didn't stop, she wanted my dad to accompany me to my Uni, and I didn't want that to happen, from the start till wherever life takes me, I wanted to do it myself, explore em myself, But she somehow was very particular about that.

My dad on the other hand wasn't worried(I wouldn't say he was not at all worried, but he knew I would take care),  so he didn't want to come as well.

And then few days before leaving, people around me, friends, relatives, neighbors started paying more attention to me,making special foods for me and eventually nagging me to eat

I had to run away from all of them to make sure I was ok, but no they didn't stop, someway or the other they turned up chasing me

So yeah, managed to get out of the box somehow on 14th of September and flew all the way to Great Britain. 

Story will be continued later, coz I don't want to talk about everything in my comeback blog! And I have loads and loads of info to share. It's been one month and around 20 days, since I came here and I'm loving it

To be continued... 

-A Wanderlust from England- 


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