Small coffins are the heaviest!

You see Blood shed everywhere,you see school bags lying scattered,you see their shoes soaked in blood,you see their blackboards destroyed,and then you realize that they were all martyred!

Yes,the one incident which shook the world! Army public school in peshawar was attacked by the Taliban killing 141 school children including teachers!
Where is the world going?
Terrorism in a school,where young einstein's and young lincoln's are being nurtured?
And now above all this there is this tagline which comes up every time something of this kind happens!
They say muslim's are terrorists!
How do you say that?
Islam is a religion of peace and brotherhood!
We spread peace and we want peace !
Didn't you think for a moment that even the kids who were killed were muslims!

We are advised to smile to anyone whom we see be it strangers or people whom we know,
as said by The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) ,""Your smile for your brother is charity.".

We don't want war,we want love!
We don't want bloodshed,we want harmony!
We want to be united with all the people in this world!
We want to walk in the roads with our hijab,without fearing for anyone!
We don't want to be called as terrorists!

People in gaza,syria are getting killed just because we are muslims !
Bear in mind,people who are killing the muslims or my brothers and sisters from any other religion,be it in the Peshawar school attack,gaza or anywhere else in this world,
Allah(SWT)  is watching over you!
He knows the good and the bad!
You can't escape from him in this world and in the Hereafter!

In Quran Chapter [4:93] ALLAH said “But whoever kills a believer intentionally – his recompense is Hell, wherein he will abide eternally, and Allah has become angry with him and has cursed him and has prepared for him a great punishment.”

Whoever reading this please spend a minute to make dua for young children who were killed in Peshawar, for the people suffering in Syria,Gaza and for those muslim and non-muslim people around the world

It was said that the children were asked to stand in a line and they were shot in the chest and head!How cruel people can be?No words to console the parents and the children's family!

They studied together,dreamed together and died together!

Sorry am discontinuing to write more about the children,am not able to!

May Allah give those little children Jannah!
May Allah guide us through the right path and protect us from all evil!

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