My Brother-My Rival-My Best Companion

It's been a while since I wrote about what exactly is happening in my life ,So I thought I'll dedicate this post to one of my family member whom I have fought with all my life until now,whom I have irritated since when he was born and who was there for me to cheer me up whenever I didn't feel good!
Yes,It's about my younger sibling and am not really sure why am writing about him instead of my mother or father! :P

I remember choosing an "I-want-a-sister" option when an uncle of mine asked me "Do you want a brother or a sister?".But he mind-washed me by saying that if you get a sister she might want to wear your clothes,your shoes so I immediately changed my option to "I-want-a-brother"!
But I regret it a lot till now!
Ashhh! Seriously! It's better to have a younger sister where you'll be able to shut her mouth by giving you're accessories rather than to have a brother who fights for the TV remote and is not willing to shut his mouth even when you offer him you're dinner!

We had,and have and still will have fights about the lamest things possible on planet earth!
Let me list what is the reason-cause-effect for our past wars!

1.As I said previously TV Remote,starting from when he knew to change the channels until now!(He is 17 now)

2.Food! Yes,as you all know,I'm a big foodie but I never expected to have a brother who'll be a super-big foodie.It's worse to have someone in you're house who not only wants you're food but will also scream on top of his voice,scratch you.scar you.punch you and even bite you or even choke you to death if you don't give him what he wants!How irritating!

3.We have a bunk bed at home.the lower berth was for him and the upper berth was mine but since I'm feeling cold these days I sleep in the lower berth and he sleeps on the floor(Lol I accept that here it is my dominance,but after all I'm his elder sister,I should have some power over him right?")
Yesterday I happened to step on his bed and pillow which was lying on the floor ,and his scream made my parents to come to our room and then what would have happened ,as usual I got screwed up and then even him!Everytime he brings my parents into the scenario,he gets screwed up,even though he did nothing! Then does he have to bring them up!

For all the above scenarios the end result of effect is either me not talking to him for three to four days or we both cursing each other!

But yes I stand up for him whenever he faces something be it my family members,parents or anyone I support for him,even though he doesn't!

I remember spending my childhood school-lunch hours in his teacher's staff room and getting all complaints about him and when I peep out of the window I can see him happily playing!

Myself and my brother we both have been friends from our childhood till now! I remember sitting in the balcony corridor when I was 10 and he was 6 and bugging the shit out of all the passerby's!
Even now we tease my mother upto whatever extent that is possible and the possible extent is either my mom getting on her nerves and shouting or giving us advice!

Whenever I'm upset though he doesn't soothe me by his kind words he does one thing or the other to make me laugh!
He is an expert in making other's laugh,he teases people like anything above all he loves dancing and he is a good dancer too!

So war starts up when he wants me to watch his favorite dance video and I disagree or he wants me to watch thala's (his favorite actor's) movie trailer and when I'm least bothered!

Though we have both good and bad experiences I personally believe that he is someone who irritates me and makes me smile at the same time!

I hope he achieves his goal of becoming a chemical engineer and he runs for his dance passion too!
and I also hope that he gives me support atleast at some point in life :P


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