Facts you didn't know about WhatsApp and Apple Emojis!

Definitely,this blog is a pure source from the internet,Fact is that I just wanted to my reader's to know about some interesting facts about the daily emoticons we use in WhatsApp which I came across while reading articles from the web!

These hands are'nt praying,This is a Japanese gesture for apology!
(How many of us have used this for asking some help to our friend Lol:P)

We must have used the below Emoticon for showing our strength but did you zoom in and see,That this fist looks like a sloth!

How many of us have used the below emoji for clapping or congratulating and how many of us have tasted doritos?
Don't you think these hands resemble them grabbing doritos ?

This icon comes into play during your exams and you want to remind your friend to give you a wake-up call but did you notice that the time on the clock doesn't exist!

This definitely reminded me of Dark Knight Rises!(Look at his moustache which resembles a bat!)

This reminds me of the creepy family which I used to watch in Cartoon Network
They don't have whites in their eyes!

This text is from Apple's "Think Different" Ad!

This doesn't mean you're nose is sweating,It is a mid-sneeze emoji!

This emoji,we must have used when we are expressing our feelings towards exams and when we are sick of exams and studying,But this guy is bowing and not thinking!

Emoji within an emoji(French fries emoji has a smiley)

There's an emoji that has an emoji on it.
Guess what!Wikipedia recognizes Emojis in it's URL!

Wikipedia recognizes emojis in its URLs.

Okay!It's an actual key!

The code on the key is an actual type of key .

What is coming out of their heads?

This dancing girl has no face and no hands,Aigooo something creepy!

22 Things You Never Realized About Emojis

This is the story of a common-emoji girl!

But the most incredible thing of all is the amazing, true, and heartbreaking tale of the emoji lady in the pink shirt.

Now to add cherry to the cake,I'll list some funny emoji conversations!

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Credits: OMGFacts,BuzzFeed,Smosh


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