Annyeong higyeseyo 2014(Bye Bye 2014)

Okay, first let me make things clear,I don't celebrate new year,since for us,Muslims,our new year is over way back so I'm not doing anything against my religious rules!It's just that I wanted to record what all memorable both happy and sad events which bumped into my life this year!

This year,personally and professionally has taught me a lot of experiences,and there was lots of transformations as a young adult in the past year!

1) First and foremost the most important thing I learned not only from this year but also from my past experiences is that not to worry about anything in life,which means not to over think stuff! I'm kind of a over-thinking person,who overdoes even a small incident,keeps worrying about it,thinking what I did like two years back and the cause for it now and something of this kind!

In Shaaa Allah,I have just decided not to worry about anything and leave everything to Allah(SWT) and all I have to do is stay patient,do my prayers and to seek his help through dua and other good deeds!

2)Starting from the beginning of the year,  I lost someone close to my heart,My most loved person,The person whom I miss the most and hope she does the same,My grandma she passed away,Allah knows the best! So I hope everything goes fine . I've written about her as well !

3)I finished my engineering,four years of so many changes,physically and mentally (knowledge-wise change I'm yet to discover :P)! College life had a full-stop.Many heart-breaks, so much of care , so much of struggle all had an end ! Everyday classes,lunch hours ,unofficial and official bunk-hours everything had to come to an end.Friends each and everyone of them started to go in their own way,some to the States,some to Pune ,B'Lore!

4) As soon as my college life was over I was confused about my future and worried,when Allhamdulillah, myself and my family were blessed by Allah(SWT) to do Umrah in the most critical part of all our lives!Life was rejuvenated after completing Umrah,felt a lot better and felt like all my worries are gonna end soon In Shaaa Allah!

(Post coming soon!)

5) Only after My Umrah was I able to make some decisions in life of what I want myself to be!
I found out that I had this interest over writing and I also actually felt better and felt happy when I write! So that's how my blog started up.Initially I had no idea of how to do or what to start with.My cousin brother was the one who helped me out as he is already a pretty famous blogger.Didn't know how to popularize it well, and that's how I ended up in g+!

6) During the same time I fell in love with Korea,K-Drama and K-Pop and especially a big shawol of SHINee!
I'm very thankful to onew,key,jonghyun,taemin and minho for not only making me feel better when I hear their voices and songs but also for making me smile for onew's sangtae,key's sarcastic-ness,jonghyun's teasing abilities,maknae's insulting abilities and min-ho's own-way-of-making-others-smile abilities!

7) So that's how because of promoting my bloggee I ended up getting new friends from different countries in g+ and also being able to create a tumblr blog and be a Full-Time Tumbler-ite! Tumblr also helped me relax by seeing all those funny gif's of SHINee!
Such a stress relief!

Here is my tumblr blog   (This blog is only for K-Pop Fans,your stressed go Hae have a short visit!)

8) g+ gave me new friends like Rabeena Thasneem(Chennai,India) and heart-less(Saudi Arabia) with whom I was able to gossip about SHINee and all other stupid stuff! Most importantly g+ helped me a lot for my language-learning and also to converse to people from different countries !

9)One of the big decisions for my personal life which I made in 2014 was to become a Polyglot!(A Linguist basically!)
I've had this interest during my college days,but I wasn't able to persist it in the proper way!
But now I've found a way and I hope I learn atleast 10 languages In Shaaa Allah by the end of 2015.
Now I'm actually learning Korean,Spanish and Hindi,where currently I can do basic converstaions in Spanish and Hindi,and read and write Hangul(Korean)!

10) One another biggest decision I made in 2014 was to join cognizant! I'm not sure whether it's the right decision or not, because I took this decision after a lot of struggle,confusion and worries which I still have now.In shaaa Allah I hope I get a clear visual about my work soon!I am into web and android development,A half-baked potato basically,In Shaaa Allah I hope I become a Potato mayonnaise cheese wrap by the end of 2015! Yet another decision was to pursue my higher education. In shaaa Allah I hope I do all these as planned in 2015

11)As I said I love spending money for food and books,I've been reading books only from lending libraries,but this year I can proudly say that I'm an owner of 10 books and I've also re-gained my reading habit and not only that I've also become a sooper-foodie blogger at Zomato and I'm also trying new places to eat and stuff!

Nevertheless,Not only these listed things above ,but I have learnt many other things in life spiritually,personally and professionally

I have certain goals,passion and interests in my mind,In Shaaa Allah I hope I achieve it through Allah's support

Allhamdulillah I thank Allah for making me witness 2014,for My Umrah and for all the things I've learnt!

So that's the end of this memorable year and the last post of 2014 at 22:59 P.M with a piece of my favorite Walnut cake from McRennet!


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