Foodie Love!

Yes,nothing makes me more happier than Food! Especially the food you love,and icing on the cake would be when you get food vouchers!

Yes I am a frequent blogger at Zomato, a restaurant discovery guide which gives you list of restaurants,their menus,approximate price,reviews and all other stuff and Today,I had got a voucher from them as a token of appreciation and I got over-excited and  thought writing a post about my life,FOOD

As you would know,my first blog post was about food and In shaaa Allah ,am looking forward to show my love for food in the coming days!

One question I ask myself is
#Why do I love Food?

I am still searching for an answer!

Yes,I don't care if I just had my lunch few minutes back,I'm still hungry! I,basically don't like rice,other than that anything else is fine and One quote which myself and my friend say everyday to ourselves  and to others around us before buying any food "We are very selfish when it comes to food,so don't take a portion of it!"

Still remember how myself and my friend used to hide some food from our other friends just because we were scared that whether they'll want a share!"It is alright if they take some",my friend says,but am not okay with even that "some"!

Rice you want,take how much ever you like,I don't bother but you keep you're fingers on my chappathi or chicken or my katti roll or my pastry,you're brutually murdered!

My love for cakes and other pastries is so much that even this blogger won't enable me to fill,I love spending money on food,I take my family out for dinner frequently and "occassionally" has now become "always" for buying junk food and pastries!

Not only eating,I love cooking food I like,Be it the great chocolate truffle mud cake or the mushroom sizzler,if I like the food,then am an expert in that.My friends still praise me for the chocolate truffle cake I made for my birthday!

I eat when am happy,I eat when I'm upset,when am sooper sad and about to cry all I can do to control my tears is to go to a pastry shop and have a chocolate truffle cake!
I love spending lavishly for food and I get happy even if someone gets me a diarymilk mini!
Without chocolates,my life would have been a question mark!My cooler will always have chocolate trays filled and I never compromise even with the slightest bit of it

If someone tries to question you're diet or weight and if they start giving you freaking advices,eat them too!
So at the end of the day,People who love food please don't hesitate in spending money for it,because we all earn and live in this world only to fill our stomach's so if you like it,just buy it and don't share with anyone :P


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