Did you witness a child working? What did you do then?

Scenario 1:

Imagine yourself as coming from your work around 8 in the night,you're dead-tired and you are just hunting for a place to rest your
soul in peace,but then there comes your mom asking you to go to a nearby shop to get some grocery
What would you do?
Probably we may tell her,"Maa,I'm super tired,please ask my lazy brother to get it" or we may growl for sometime and then looking at her face,we
may go with that grunt face and get something!

Scenario 2:

Now,the situation becomes worse,
Imagine yourself as a 9 year old boy/girl studying in 5th grade,you are asked to go to work abandoning your education
and don't think the work will be easy,you will have to carry your chickpeas(channa) bag in the beach running in the mud
from morning till night asking each and everyone of them to buy your chickpeas or you may have to work in some cracker-making industry
spoiling your little tender fingers!

Scenario 1 explains what normal human beings like you experience in your every-day life,which can be avoided or if not avoided
it won't cost you much

But,In the worst-case,like scenario 2,Small kids have to experience worst sufferings for many unavoidable situations!
where there tender little hands have to hold a pen and a book and carry a school bag and not,a chickpeas bag or washing vessels
So we give scenario 2  a 'Two-Word Name' called 'CHILD LABOUR'.

 All the problems of the world - child labor, corruption - are symptoms of a spiritual disease: lack of compassion.

India asusual,tops the list in child labour!

We have enough number of schemes for these less priviledged children and also we have enough money to implement this

But are we doing it?
Yes,we may say there's corruption and other anti-related stuff going,but we haven't realised that whether we'll be able to answer these questions

'What have I done to stop this?'
'Are the normal public including me have any concern for kids like them?'
'Even if we have concern are we doing any initiative to stop this,even if it's not in a globalised way atleast within our surroundings?'
'Will we alow our sister or brother or our kid to suffer?'
'What can we do to stop this?'

First,let's see what is happening in our surroundings
This may happen in your house or even in you're neighbourhood

There may be a kid,a school-going kid or a kid who is not offered a way for his/her eductaion cleaning your room,washing the plates in which
you had you're food

There may also be a kid working in a construction site nearby helping with bricks or carrying sand over his head in the scorhing heat

You may also notice a kid in the beach,coming near you and asking you'Anna sundal venuma?(English translation-Sir,would you like to have chickpeas?)
You may feel pity for them at that moment and look at them with a pity face but they don't want you're pittiness or they don't want you to give them money

All they need is Education!!!

Not to be surprised,all these kids love studying,if you try questioning some,they will say 'I got a 100% in math and I love math'
'I want to become a Doctor,Engineer,IAS etc..

But how will they acieve it,they may be doing this work due to their poor economic background,which doesn't afford them to study

But poor parents,without having much knowledge they accept for it,they don't have the capability to think about their child's future

Recently Satyarthi, a common man from India,was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize along with Malala Yousafzai of Pakistan for helping many young kids from the devil
-'Child Labour'

He says that"This (prize) has helped in highlighting the issues of child slavery, child education, exploitation of children and their education.
 I have never witnessed such a response from the people, the media and the government.

So which means that we,as a common man have responsible duties towards the suffering children

Youngsters and Teen-Adults have a major role in framing the context of child labour abolition!

So the most simplest of all which a common man can do is dial any of the helpline numbers provided below,to help kids from
child employment

Or if you would like to do more you can initiate by starting an NGO or
joining in an existing NGO to help kids educate and come out of child labour

I encourage people who read this post of mine to save the contact number given below,so that whenever you see a child working,you can just call and complaint

So let's all join our hands and do our little part by giving these kids the necessary,fundamental education

I also do encourage people to join NGO's either part timr/fulltime, offshore or onsite

and I have also provided a list of NGO'S available in the city.

HELPLINE NUMBER: 1098 (24/7)

List of NGO'S in Chennai:



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