I'm 'SHINee'-ing!

Okay this post is entirely dedicated to SHINee!

Now,please note  the following points and decide whether or not you want to read this posts

1.Guys who know about SHINee but don't know some secrets about them,for you it's a must-read

2.Guys who don't know about SHINee, but would like to know,well and good you can continue reading

3.This category is pretty dangerous,Guys who don't know who SHINee are and who don't care about them or their secrets,Please stop reading,come back tomorrow,there is a mystery post awaiting!

So in this post,I just wanted to list few things which I have been obsessed with or addicted to or whatever you would fill the gap with!

As I have already mentioned K-Drama and K-Pop are some among the list which has made me addict these days and worth being an addict,I would say. At the end of day,You will definitely check fares to fly to Korea.

So,as said  I will keep my word of writing blog posts about K-Pop ,K-Drama and Korea as well! Now,first I'll definitely have to show my love for SHINee,or else I would get criminalized for stalking them more than any other common human being !

Okay,this word is really common in the K-Addicted-World and people who are part of it! Shinee is a K-POP team from Korea,they are five numbers in total,very young,highly energetic team!

So,I'll list some funny and interesting facts about each of the SHINee members

Starting of with the most kind-hearted,soft,loving,never-get angry soul of the group

LEE JING KI (also called as ONEW)

He is the TOFU(both lookwise and soulwise) of the band,such a sweet and fun-loving soul,he never get's angry on any of his team members nor gets frustrated when someone teases him

Onew entered middle school and suddenly realized that he wanted to sing.He heard from others that he sang pretty well and so he applied for SM academy,where he got casted.

Onew admits that he has a bad stamina and MinHo agrees

The Onew condition had actually originated from Key.When Onew met KEY,he learnt how to be quiet and caring and he happily blames Key for the reason.

  • Onew finds spaghetti more interesting than Key.
  • His hobby is sleeping.
  • He would really hate it if he is disturbed when reading a book.
  • Onew usually smiles a lot, so Taemin said that he looks strange when he is serious.
  • He believes that you can change peoples lives by saying just one word.
  • He always carries a Rubix cube wherever he goes and plays with it whenever he’s bored.

    • Onew often buys food from the food store when he was still a kid.
    • He has two MP3 Players, since he wants to be prepared if ever one of it runs out of battery.
    • He often brings meat from his parents’ meatshop and shares it with his classmates.
    • He really likes having long time toothbrushes.
    • For Onew, Minho looks like a character in a manga.
    • According to Taemin, Onew plays the role of the eldest brother in SHINee. (Well, isn’t he the oldest in SHINee? haha)
    • Onew chose CHICKEN over YOOGEUN(the kid who acted with them,with whom he really bonded well) because chicken has already benn with him for 20 years. (LOL)

    • He wants to earn money to buy a ship and enjoy his life. :)
    • According to Onew, Jonhyun is like a harp, Key is like his name, Minho is like a book, and Taemin is like a drum.
    • Onew wants to learn to draw good.
    • He doesn’t care a lot about dating or marriage.
    • He might look soft and quiet, but his ambition is actually to be someone who is very humurous
    • During SHINee’s promotions for Ring Ding Dong, Jonghyun, Onew, and Taemin were diagnosed with Swine Flu.
    • Onew ranked second on his entire school, but for him it’s nothing to be proud of.
    • According to him, he is not that special. (But for us, you are. :D)

    • Whenever, Yoogeun says that he misses Onew-appa, his mother would not believe him 
    • When Yoogeun’s mother asked again, he would reply, “I miss Onew-appa.”
    • Jonghyun was delighted to hear that he is younger than Onew because he first thought that Onew was younger than him. He even talked to him informally before he knew that Onew was actually his ‘Hyung’.
    • Onew would like to work on a farm to see how long would he last working there.
    • He thinks that spending money over Taemin is a waste.
    • If you want to be friends with Onew, you have to be friends with him since Junior High.
    • Onew wants to be a scientist. 

    • If Onew had a girlfriend, he would sing and play piano for her.
    • Onew does not like it when other people call him by his real name.
    • Onew’s ideal type needs to have her own character, has good personality and good behavior, and, of course, knows how to cook.
    • In SHINee’s debut performance, Onew forgot the lyrics but then he thought of his parents and remembered it.
    • If Onew is a girl, he would choose Key as his lover because Key is unique, has a strong personality, and is very interesting.
    • When Onew leads a discussion, he is sure that he is confident but one time he panicked and shouted, “Umma!”.

    • The members of SHINee are either an only child or the last child. Onew is an only child.
    • Onew has the expertise to freeze the atmosphere with whatever he says. People say that he is very funny while doing it.
    • Onew has a big cellphone strap, a black and white striped tiger-shaped doll.
    • Onew bought a car for his father with his first-earned money.
    • Then, his uncle called and said that he was a good kid.
    • Onew then explained, “This vehicle 2700cc. My father did not have a car for 10 years, so I presented him a car. “

    • Onew said that during exercise, to lose weight, he woke up at 5 am and swim for an hour.
    • Also, to lose weight, Onew walked to school which takes approximately 1 hour each day.
    • When he gets home, Onew skips as much as 4000 times to lose weight!
    •  When asked “What are the advantages possessed by a leader?” Onew said, “We are all handsome.”
    • Onew is CHICKEN MANIAC, who does not know?When Onew was dignosed with Swine Flu, he immediately became famous though it wasn’t planned.
    • Onew fell down from the stairs in SHINee’s dorm and broke his teeth. Thus, delaying SHINee’s promotions for Juliette.

    • During award shows, other SHINee members would always ask Onew-hyung to accompany them whenever they fell like going to the restroom.
    • Onew wrote the lyrics to ‘Your Name’ in SHINee’s second full-length album, “Lucifer”.
    • During the Hello Baby, Onew was advised by a karaoke machine, “You have to practice more before you become a singer.” (LOL)
    • When Onew says something boring and make the atmosphere so bizarre, Key will take over and turn the atmosphere on.*Nyahahaha*
    • Once in a fan signing event, Onew got confused that he forgot how to sign his name. (LOL)
    • Onew’s motto in life: “I want to have, as much as possible, to have all kinds of experiences, because each experience will give birth to something new.”
    • Onew likes to read books of different genres.

    • When SHINee goes overseas, Onew always carries medicines for himself and for other SHINee members because they often feel sick when riding a plane.
    • Onew says that Jonghyun is the kindest member in SHINee, because he secretly thinks and takes care of others well.
    • If Onew is in pain during recording/filming, he would try his best to smile until the recording/filming is finished.
    • SHINee donated $ 10,000 to an orphanage in Cambodia.
    • Onew said that he is not the type of guy who likes to approach a girl first.
    • If something is posted about SHINee in the internet, Onew usually doesn’t care about them.
    • He would suddenly make everyone in he car laughing just by shouting “BATS!”, then he would mimic it.
    • According Onew, a good person is a person who is very thoughtful of others.
    • Onew and Jonghyun voted for one another as the best member of SHINee.
    • Onew would try his best to turn the atmosphere on backstage.
    • Although food is expensive, Onew always spends money on it.

    • Onew loves imitating Donald Duck.
    • Onew really like to eat snacks.
    •  ”Among all the SHINee members, the closest to perfect is…me!”, said Onew.
    • Onew is scared of holding or touching babies because when he was little, he dropped a puppy and it died. He was afraid that it would happen again.
    • According to SHINee, Onew always gets a hotel room for himself while the others share rooms.
    • Onew is called “DUBU” by his fans because he loves to eat ‘dubu’. ‘Dubu’ is Korean for tofu.
    • Onew would cover himself with a blanket when sleeping and wake up covered in sweat.


    • Minho wants Onew's innocent smile,Jonghyun's skills at singing,Key's stage manner,Taemin's cuteness and dance
    • He  is sporty, so we may not have seen a SHINee Minho if he had pursued his  first dream of being a soccer player. You will see  his frustrated face whenever he loses at Dream Team and his signature  move  whenever he wins.
    •  In March of 2010, Minho was injured when filming for Dream Team Season 2.  So he had to take sick leave while  SHINee Taemin replaced him on the show.  When he recovered, Minho continued his activities and promotions of  SHINee’s second full album, Lucifer

    • Tallest of SHINee, 181cm from debut, but he could have grown over the past two years.
    • Minho is the “flower boy” sporting the flaming charismatic eyes that makes he’s co-members jealous “He is a living existence of selfishness”- Key 
    • This boy loves kids and is very popular to  elementary students. Minho doesn’t only attract noonas and kids but as well as hyungs. He has a certified “hyung collector/magnet“, hangs out  with SUJU, DBSK and even staff hyungs. This makes him once rumoured as DBSK  Changmin’s Girlfriend (LOL).
    • Minho would feel empty if the members are not with him. He even misses them.

    • Despite, his busy schedule he find time to go to Konkuk University where he’s majoring in Film
    • Even when playing video games, he’ll get frustrated if he loses. He once even blamed Taeminnie who was next to him when he lost. 
    • And when he does win, he has a signiture move where he’ll place his pointer on his lips then point it to the sky.
    • When asked to show his talent, he may do a wink or not blink in 3 minutes. He’s not easily discouraged and continue to  prove himself. He once said that his motto is to never give  up no matter what he encounters.
    • Very Difficult to wake him up,aka King Of Sleep

    • Called as the Frog-Prince,because of his frog-like eyes
    • MinHo laughs loudest from all SHINee members, and Taemin is the quietest
    • “When I first saw him, I thought “Ah! So handsome! Especially the eyes!” (JONGHYUN)
    • On Minho’s 20th birthday (19 int.), he got in a plane the day before his birthday.  When he arrived in Korea, his birthday had already passed because of the time difference… he basically missed his own birthday.
    • When Minho was young, he thought that strawberries were poisonous insects and would scream when he saw one


    • When Minho was young, he would hide inside the washing machine when he got bad grades. And of course, his mum freaked out to see him there.
    • Jonghyun says that Minho has high standards for girls. When he see pretty celebrities, he will only say 'Yea, I guess she's pretty'
    • Minho is polite to others right? But he’s not like that to our members! When he wakes us up, he kicks us and yells at us to wake up!" - Key


    • ”I have never seen a ghost, but I would like to see one.”
    • While most members prefer to talk during their car rides, MinHo often sleeps by himself..
    • During their trainee days, one of the members of SHINee thought MinHo was a (handsome) foreigner! 
    •  ”Honestly, if I am a girl, the member from SHINee that I will definitely date is Taemin.”


    • Never forgets to smile.
    •  Carries a bag containing a lot of sweets around, all with a SHINee logo attached on it. Will give out these sweets whenever he sees noonas.
    • Has been said by many that he is good at aegyo, but will in actualy face, use half aegyo and half forcing to get what he wants

    •  Has been said that he is cute too many times, but “does not want others to say that I am cute”.
    • When first debuted, is used to blinking a lot when speaking, it is a lot better now, but somehow it has become a hot topic after Key umma has imitated it.
    • Will run around the practise room with a bottle/packet of milk in his mouth, spends a lot of time in the waiting room studying and rushing his holiday assignments and preparing for exams.
    •  Being on stage is something to be enjoyed, and dance is the what makes him derives the most joy from. The title is just to attraction people to watch, you should only believe in what you see.

    • His dancing ability has been widely recognised, but do you know that his rap is pretty MAN too? Go listen to “Love should go on”.
    • Do not think that he is a child with a huge generation gap between the two of you, he idolises “MJ” and also likes to imitate Seo Taiji — “I don’t know anything!”
    •  “I really don’t know anything!” (catchphrase)
    •  Can transform an ardent swordsman into a kawaii youth, and can change the action of pulling out a sword to just raising a fire torch.
    •  “When I first saw Taemin, I thought he was really pretty. At that time there was a trainee noona in front of him, and Taemin was even prettier than her.” (EUNHYUK)

    •  Does not feel that he has a talent that can matches up to Onew, but if he were to do it(Onew’s talent)…he can do it too!
    •  A very obedient child, even if he is asked to sit on someone’s lap, or getting hugged or being lifted up on someone’s shoulder, he does not object. He’s so young that the sunbaes find it hard to see him as a rising artiste who is catching up with them, but he is beginning to present a star’s disposition.
    •  Knows how to play, and will play. A finger and a camera. that’s his best friend.

    •  “Hyung, do you know what is love?” (to the rest of members)
    •  “If I am a girl, I will choose to date Minho, because he is Flaming Charisma!”
    •  “In the show, Yunhanam, the person who is the best at making a girl happy is Taemin.” (KEY) But he is still at a stage when he is more enthusiastic of dogs than girls
    •  If there is true love involved, how can age be limiting, isn’t there a guy who married a really old grandmother?
    •  Has the care and concern of the hyungs, the love and care of the noonas, it’s really nice. If only he can see his family more…Hyung, saranghae…

    At the end of the day,you will fall in love with all their albums and songs

    Must-Listen Songs:

    Why so serious
    Ring ding dong
    Green rain
    lucky star
    Downtown baby
    Boys meet you
    Onew(In your eyes)
    Breaking news
    Stand By me(Boys Over Flowers)


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