I Miss You Grandma!

"Don't make your mom get angry on you and don't make her shout at you! Don't fight with Tariq(My brother),please learn not to fight with you're brother,after all,He is your brother"

All these were advice's,as we all know,but from someone special,someone who always cares only about me even if she has 8 grandchildren,someone who loves being next to me and spending time with me,someone who loves gossiping with me,someone who never wants any harm alarming me,someone who is more than a friend and a mother,someone who loves teasing and bullying others's along with me!

Sounds like am describing my friend doesn't it! But all these were about my Athamma(as I call my grandma and she is my father's mother)

It's going to be almost a year since she left me all alone.I still remember the day when I got a call from my mom on January 10th around 3 in the afternoon,on the way to my home from college,Mom was sobbing asking me where I was and asking me to come home as soon as possible

And then she just disconnected it,I had no other way than to call dad and ask what was wrong and dad told me that grandma passed away at 1 o'clock that day.I didn't know what to do,I was dumbstruck and silent for few minutes not knowing how to react! I realized that I have lost someone whom I always depended on and always loved!

Mom didn't call me at 1'o clock because she thought I might be in class! But I felt so guilty because on that day exactly when grandma passed away,myself and all of my friends were having fun in the playground and there was  pongal(Festival of South-India)celebration in my college so we were all having sweets!

Allhamdulillah(Thank Allah) for not making me stay near her during her last moments, else I don't think I would have been able to do anything. Grandma was suffering from an heart ailment,so she was not supposed to strain herself much or do any work

But inspite of us saying everything,she used to do all her work,like washing her clothes,brooming the house and all!

The last time I saw her was during November 2013,when doctor had said that she has imporved a lot and she was bullying my aunt and smiling and laughing a lot! So,the last picture of her in my mind was she smiling with all her heart!

I still remember her words which she said when I told her that I had got a job.She said, "w Will be alive when you start earning"
And yeah she was true she left without demanding anything from my first salary!

I used to call and talk to her whenever I felt low and listen to her voice which made me feel good! Everytime when she vists me or when I visit her,she would give me loads of advices of not to fight with my brother and not to make mom angry

She gets very upset everytime when my mom scolds me or my brother,I still remember her sad face wherein she comes and consoles me when I get scolded by mother!

I also still remember how myself and grandma used to watch all movies when I was four years of age,and how she used to help me for pouring the milk in the sink (I hated drinking milk at that time)

I'm sorry grandma for doing some mistakes,hurting you at times!

Allhamdulillah,And it was because of you're duas and Allah's will that we were all able to go to Umrah!

She was always a pillar of support, one good soul apart from my dad,mom and bro to love me sooooo much and a strength and a good friend.She had taught me many things in Islam as well as in real life. She has taught me how to be kind and treat other's well and how patience and prayer is important in life! She was there with me whenever I needed her,But now I need her the most!

I still have her number saved and whenever I call her,The telephone operator says,"Number is temporarily out of service".
The telephone operator should know that the number is in service but my grandma is not reachable!

A grandmother is a child's first and best friend who never get's irritated even if we get irritated on her,who never get's tired of answering our endless stupid doubts,who never gets bored talking to us and is someone to treasure for.All she needs is you're love!
Don't send you're grandparents to oldage homes,Love them for they are the souls which love you,even if you hate them.

And I won’t say, That I’m okay, Cause you taught me not to lie. So know that I’ll miss you everyday.


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