Do you excel in Talking and Sarcasm?

Okay,This may sound a bit weird,because each and everyone of us talk. We talk because we would want the other person to know what we are communicating!


This is the dictionary definition for talking. But what happens when you LOVE  talking a lot,being more sarcastic and what happens when it's difficult to zip your mouth.

Yes,I'm one of the above mentioned kind,I love talking,so this is like a cycle

You talk fast -> You tend to talk a lot -> You tend to be more sarcastic -> You bully other's a lot !

So I guess this particular cycle is true in my life.I started to realize that I put forth my words and speak them at a speed which gets difficult for people to understand and which asks them to repeat my words.

During my fifth grade,I remember my mom asking me to talk a bit slowly. That was the first incident ever in my life that made me think about my speed. But I hardly cared about it!

Next was when I was in my eight grade and I was asked by my teacher to read out a paragraph in class and I read that out in jet speed and my teacher asked me to repeat it and she teased me and everybody including me started to laugh.

That incident marked a benchmark to my speeedy-speaking skills and yes,even after that,I didn't care about it nor I care about it now.I'm not sure whether it's because of speed-talking,it's difficult to shut my mouth or if something's fishy with my vocal chords !

I love talking,I talk a lot mostly when I'm sooper happy or sooper upset! For me,only talking to others will solve your problems,multiply your happiness and talking has become a important part of my life

From my Kindergarden till my College ,I've been complained by all my teachers that it's difficult to control me in class,difficult to have me sit in a place,and difficult to zip my mouth!

Even now,I've been noted and teased by my friends for being very naughty and for talking a lot.There is a proof of my Kindergardern report card if you won't believe,which says "Should control her talking-abilities,which are actually more than expected"

So here are some facts which would relate to All Chatter-Boxes out there

I've taken some from Sources like StoryPik and ComedyFlavours(Thanks for writing a post which relates exactly to me)

1) You're nicknamed with acronyms like speaker,generator and ninjaturtles


 2) You love sharing news with your friends the moment you hear it

30 Rock

3)  You're known to be a 'RUBBER-MOUTH' all around!


4) You can make conversation with almost anyone


5) Teachers tired of asking you not to talk in class


6) You can give multitude of answers to whatever question posed at you

excited baby

7) All things unnecessary is your thing

Monty Python

8) Eating takes you longer than others


9) The angrier you are,the more the flow


10) You often end up spoiling TV shows and movies for people because of your talking


11) You end up debating and fighting with random people and strangers who criticize something you like

12) You end up being very sarcastic

13) You become crazy at one point of time
angry dance

14) At one point of time,You're friend's are like 'SHUT-UP'

15)But they always need you when they have a problem


16) There is no sadness-thunder striking when you're around!

Winnie the Pooh


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