Mystery behind the Hidden Paradise-Enchanted River

So there is something fishy about this river!

On reading an article about the mystery river in Manila,I thought why not do a little more research on it and write a post!

So,this river is called 'The Enchanted River',basically,renamed by the local tourists due to its mysterious behaviour or nature's gift(Whatever fits the gap perfectly!)
The Hinatuan River,loacted in the island of Surigao del Sur and extends into the rest of Mindanao,is considered to have 
myseterious and supernatural events happening around it!Wonder whether it's happening really 
or it's just another grandma tale!

So,Let's see the supernatural events one by one

Colorful color:

The river,unlike any other,is a stunning beauty with beautiful springs around it and a fascinating color!
Yes,the color is something which you can find only when you do a deep sea diving or if you can't or don't want to do,visit the
national geographic channels or google for underwater pictures!
Which means the river doesn't have a color which a river should possess rather has a deep blue color of the sea!
So what gives this river this color is still a question...

A Spring for the Aspiring:

The Spring source around the river reminds us of fairy tales where little mermaid used to swim and sleep!The sources of spring surrounding the river is unknown as well.
But the Spring is just a delight to watch!Around noon,the water becomes even more clear and majestic!

Why is the river water a sea water?

The water is very salty like the one in the sea and though people say that this river has it's salty nature!From where does this fresh water body gets its salty nature?
Some say that since this river extends into the Pacific Ocean,The saltness comes due to its high tides!But it is not officially confirmed!

Don't swim,There is a harry potter adventure underneath

People are not allowed to swim in the river unless and until they know swimming.Even if they know swimming,they are not allowed to go in depth
as they say that there are enkanmtos and mer-people underneath and most of them who go for underwater adventure end up disappearing!There are also guards to constantly 
check on the tourists.The depth of the water is unknown and many scientists have tried finding the depth of the water even using modern-day equipments but of no use.Till now,the depth of the water remains a question!
People have also informed that they have sighted mysterious and strange creatures told to be like mermaids and encantos!
Maybe these are just some dream stories of people to attract toursists!Nothing is true unless it is proved!

OMG!The clock struck 12!

Yes,at 12 in the noon,there is a clock bell which rings and people are not allowed to swim till 1.During the hour ,guards feed the fishes in the river.While,you are swimming,you 
will be able to sight only the 'normal' river fishes,but when the guards feed the fishes at 12,you will be able to sight large and different species of fish which appear
from nowhere.These fishes are difficult to find at any other time except for the 'particular hour'.Fishermen have also reported that they have tried catching fish but 
not even a single fish falls into trap!
They have also tried using special traps and tried fixing them in the day time!But the next day,when they come,all they get to see is a tangled trap floating in the riverbed!
The fishes are also seem to be trained! This hits our logic,since we all know that it is very difficult to train a school of fish!But how do they exactly appear after the 
12'o' clock bell and stay for an hour and disappear?
Science has to find an answer to this question!Maybe all these are God's plans!


Don't stay overnight-Merpeople will knock your door!

Toursists are generally adviced not to stay overnight and swim.You may try to break the rules,sneak-peak and go to the water but there is no guearentee for your safety even in the banks of
the river.

Above all these places,this place is a Must-Visit,if you're on a trip to manila!It has an overwhelming beauty and such a delight to spend quality time here!

P.S: Even if you don't believe in these lo-la tales,be precautious!


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    இது என் புதிய நாவல்,

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