I'm back

Olenmanieyeo!!!("It's been a while" in korean)

Yeah definitely it has been a long gap since my last post and this time I take the oath of writing atleast 2 posts per week!!!

As you already know that I was doing nothing at home and was waiting for my joining date at cognizant,So you might wonder why no blog posts these two months!

Reason number 1:

I was bored,bored to the highest level of mount everest,that I had nothing to do but to sit on the couch and stare at the clock waiting for time to pass by!

I didn't want to write a post out of boredom, because obviously that post will turn into a failure(You might think that all my posts are worthless,but as I said if not for you guys,this post will make me realize in the future,how jobless I was in the past!)

Reason number 2:

I wanted this reason to be the  number one, but since my reason one lead to reason two,I made this as the second reason!


Yes so that was my second reason!I never thought that I will fall for these series.I remember bullying my friends who watch these series,but I ended up falling a prey!

You can't hate anything about korean series,they all are like soooper awesome,You will definitely at the end of the "series-watching" session will fell like going on a trip to seoul!Awesome country with cute people and 5-star series!

(Blog post about this is coming soon....)

So yeah that was my two main reasons and still thinking why I wiled away my time without writing a post when I had nothing to do....

Will update the page if some reason pops up when I try to sleep...

So as I said will try to follow the oath which I took in the beginning and post more worthless and stupid stuff!!!


  1. Assalamu alaikum dear! happy to have found your blog.. You know something, your blog posts remind me of those days I spent at home right after college. Now I really miss those days, seriously, life has taken a lot of turns, alhamdhulillah, but those carefree, happy days don't last that long. So enjoy your time and keep posting! I also thought I would share this old blog post of mine, written 7 years back. :) http://biriyanibackup.wordpress.com/2007/06/10/heights-of-vettiness/#comments

  2. Walaikum salam sis,Nice one!!!
    Yes exactly like you said,I hardly find time right now to blog but I am trying my best to keep updating!


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