I know that it's too late to say a hi!,especially after two blog posts!

yeah,so this is me,not knowing how to put things in order and not organizing stuff well...

There's nothing much to tell about myself nor am a celebrity to give you a brief intro of myself

Basically ,like any other normal engineering graduate,I am done with my engineering and am waiting for my joining date at cognizant.

So i was sooper bored with the normal whatsapping and watching the korean series timetable and i thought why not start a blog!

Even if people don't look at my posts, i will be able to see all my blog say after some 10 years,and i would realize how jobless i was!

At present missing my college life a lot and my crazy friends,half of them are not in chennai now and the other half i don't know if they are alive or dead!

I hope I see them at least on our graduation day!

So other than blogging I am at present preparing for my management entrance exams.

So,yeah,that's all about me.

Stay tuned to get more stupid,senseless and illogical blog posts!


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