Top 5 Undiscoverable foods of the Middle East


Food is what makes man go crazy. Being a foodie, I would love to write about food!
Especially the foods from the Middle East which are uncommon to us!

Let's get foodie-crazy!!

1.The first one I would love to add to my list is TAAMIYA

Originated from the Egyptian soil, this food is widely used in the middle east. This is one of the most famous street foods in Arabia.History tells us that this was used as a substitute for meat balls during Ramadan.

Israel claims taamiya as it's national food, while Palestine says that it was stolen from them. Now that's a 'FOOD-WAR' happening!!

These are fried balls or patties made from ground chick peas (garbanzo beans) or made from fava beans, mixed with spices. Their shapes also vary. It might be served in pockets of flat breads like pita bread pockets. Falafel balls can be served on salads, eaten alone as a snack too. They are fritters and also called as ‘hot dogs of middle east’.


2. The second one which goes in my list is KABSA

This food will be a favourite for all rice lovers!!!

Known to be originated from Saudi Arabia, this food is made from a mixture of spices, rice, meat and vegetables. The spices, rice and meat may be augmented by almond, pine nuts and onions. Home-made tomato sauce called daqqus can be used for garnishing.

Personally, this is one of the best dishes to try for at home!

kabsa recipe link:

daqqus recipe link:

3.The third one which melts our mouth and one of the famous dessert of the middle east is murtabak

This traditional food has two versions, a sweet one and a savoury one. However it's the sweet version am going to concentrate upon!

Murtabak is a stuffed pancake or a pan-fried bread found in Saudi Arabia and Yemen. The stuff consists of banana, sugar, sweet cheese or cream flattened to a dough and deep fried in a large pan.
This food is at its best when topped with honey and almonds

 Murtabak Recipe:

4.Fourth one to take my list is AL-BAIK'S BROASTER CHICKEN

Whoever is a chicken fanatic, would die for chicken will love this food.

AL-Baik is a chain of restaurants in Saudi Arabia, whose famous dish is the broaster chicken which is so far the best in the world.

Many of them have a misunderstanding that broaster chicken and the KFC chicken are the same, But that's not it.

The chickens are served with garlic sauce and a normal tomato sauce, rench fries and a burger bun.
(Trust me the chicken goes well with the garlic sauce and bun)

Their recipe is considered to be secret, yet some of the recipe's are most matched with theirs. So here is one!

  AL-Baik Broaster Chicken Recipe:

5.Last but NEVER THE LEAST! It's the Lebanese Donuts(AWAMAT)!]

As the name says, this dessert is believed to be originated from ebanon.They are a mouth-watery platter of cinnamon infused donut holes.

A very easy to cook dish at home with simple ingredients.

Best served with honey or skimmed milk topping!

 Awamat Recipe  :

I hope you enjoy trying these undiscoverable mouth-watering platters of the Middle East!


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